Jesse conceals the slim ricin vial inside a cigarette that he returns to the pack upside-down. Hank has no hard evidence and his colleagues don't buy his theory, Walt says, begging Gus not to harm Hank ("Hermanos"). Mike makes the final pickup of the evening at another abandoned warehouse. He asks, "Why me?" SHARES. When someone appears at the top of the stairs, he prepares to draw... only it's not Gus, but Victor's replacement Tyrus, here to pick up the latest batch. Though Gus’ origins have been hinted at throughout “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad,” neither show has offered clear explanations for why Gus came to … Gus coerces Nacho into providing inside information on the Salamancas. Unknown. Gus goes to a college chemistry lab and enlists the help of Gale Boetticher. Gus left Chile in 1986, the same year in which the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front attempted to assassinate Pinochet. "Gale Boetticher's apartment?" Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Deceased characters from season 4 (Breaking Bad). Apparently, Gus only drove between work and home the entire week. À deux, ils lancent Los Pollos Hermanos (en) comme couverture pour vendre de la méthamphétamine que Max « cuisinait ». After a night in the desert, Mike kills the surviving gunman and Jimmy and he resume walking. Jesse, convinced Mike is about to be robbed, shifts into reverse, floors it, knocks the guy to the ground, and slams into the other car. Gus was originally meant to be a one-time guest performance but Giancarlo Esposito decided that he'd play him like he had a secret to make the writers bring him back. Just as Jesse draws his gun, Walt plows into the dealers with his car. We're both adults. Mike's truck was also damaged, so Jimmy and he recover the money and begin the drive back to Albuquerque in Jimmy's car. Mike tells Gus that Nacho wants to end his work as an informant on the Salamancas, but Gus refuses to part with a valuable asset. Once activated, the magnet destroys the evidence room, and presumably the information on Gus's laptop. Dans Magic Man (en), le premier épisode de la saison 5 de Better Call Saul, Lalo Salamanca fait référence à un mystérieux incident impliquant Gus à Santiago. While the job would be difficult, dangerous and expensive, it would not be impossible. Six feet under and half a face... he's still screwing with us.Hank Schrader while trying to solve the Gus' Drug Empire case. Portail des séries télévisées américaines,, Article utilisant l'infobox Personnage (fiction), Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Article avec une section vide ou incomplète, Portail:Séries télévisées américaines/Articles liés, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Walt counters that the quality of his product should outweigh any of these concerns and that Gus will never have to see or deal with Jesse. Will you look at me now? Gus later visits Hector to tell him that all of the Cartel's leaders are dead, and that the henchman Jesse shot during the escape was Joaquin Salamanca, Hector's grandson, and the last of Hector's relatives ("Crawl Space"). Little is known about Hank's early life. You hurt his business, his pride. No one else.Gus on Hector's fate. At some point in his career, Gus fostered a connection with a German conglomerate called Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, receiving financing for his meth distribution network from his close friend and associate Peter Schuler, whom he previously met in Santiago, Chile ("JMM"). Gus arrives and Walt immediately tries to defend his and Jesse's actions. Walt rushes over, grabs the gun, and shoots the dealer in the head. Dans l'épisode de Better Call Saul intitulé Sabrosito (en), Hector change le nom de Los Pollos Hermanos en Los Culos Hermanos, insinuant qu'ils sont homosexuels. I watered it, tended to it. One day, he found that a coati had ransacked the tree and eaten most of the fruit. Gale, he explains, won a chemistry scholarship that Gus established to honor Maximino Arciniega, a dear friend of his who died too young. At the farm, Walt and Gus sit side by side. Because of similarities to the previous attacks on Hector's trucks, they agreed to drive dummy trucks over the border until the culprits are found. Nacho gains Lalo's trust, and after Domingo is arrested, Nacho and Lalo use Jimmy/Saul to secure Domingo's release from jail in exchange for the location of several of Gus's dead drops. In order to achieve Gus' trademark calmness, Esposito utilized yoga classes he had been taking regardless of the series, which allowed him to convey the character by "being a good listener". When I was seven, I became fixated on it. Barely alive. Little is known about Gus' past, except that he was supposed to have originally come from Chile. he tells Walt and Jesse, calmly. Gaff replies that Gus knows what the Cartel wants. Their resuscitation attempts fail and the Cousin dies. Opportunists. asks Gus. But one thing troubles him, says Hank, pausing for effect as he reveals photographs of a fingerprint on a Los Pollos soda cup and prints from the crime scene. Mike translates. Mike, Walt and Jesse brainstorm several ways to break into the evidence room to steal the laptop, none of them viable. It's from the scene when Walt and Jesse burn Gus' "Laundry Lab". The fourth season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad premiered on July 17, 2011 and concluded on October 9, 2011. Gustavo Fring est un personnage de fiction majeur de la série télévisée Breaking Bad et de sa préquelle Better Call Saul, incarné par Giancarlo Esposito. We were always hungry. Enraged, Jesse goes to the drug corner, picks up his gun and walks toward it. There are two small, rocky paths that converge leading to the entrance. In his plot to kill Gus, Walt goes to the retirement home Casa Tranquila to see Hector Salamanca, and points out that as much as Salamanca hates Walt (for having caused Tuco's death), Salamanca hates Gus even more. Little is known about Gus' past, except that he was supposed to have originally come from Chile. Walt manages to persuade Gus into purchasing thirty-eight pounds of his meth for $1.2 million; after the product yields good returns, Gus offers Walt $3 million for three months of his time. Although there are no existing Chilean records of Gus, there are two instances which demonstrate his likely involvement in the Pinochet government: Hector Salamanca refers to Gus as "Grand Generalissimo" in a flashback, and Don Eladio tells Gus that he is "not in Chile anymore", but spares his life because he knows who Gus really is. Saul Goodman makes the blunt observation "You two suck at peddling meth, period", but as the two still have 38 pounds remaining, Saul offers to connect them with a distributor through "a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy." The story explains events of which Lalo is aware, including Werner's departure from Albuquerque, pursuit by Mike, and subsequent death. Au lieu de cela, Don Eladio demande à Hector Salamanca de tuer Max pour avoir vendu de la méthamphétamine sur le territoire du cartel sans autorisation. Giancarlo Esposito claimed that some shots about Gus' children were filmed using pictures of his daughters, not used in the show but still kept in inventory. Incensed by Jesse's insolence, but committed to finding a resolution, Gus tells the dealers "No more children," and orders Jesse to shake their hands ("Half Measures"). It is so strong, as Walter cranks it "to eleven", that it tips their truck over and they must flee on foot. Mike suggests hiring additional operatives and hitting back hard, but Gus responds, "This war stays cold for now," and instructs him to set up a meeting with the cartel. No. His bodyguards investigate and are brought down by gunfire. Later, the child used by the dealers, named Tomás Cantillo, is found dead. La propriété sert de résidence au Dr Barry Goodman et comporte une fontaine dédiée à Max. Walt tells Gus that he fears for his family. "I would never ask you that," Walt responds. "Maybe next time," taunts Gus, leaving Tio to silently rage in his chair ("Hermanos"). Gustavo "Gus" Fring was a Chilean-born Albuquerque restaurateur, drug boss, business magnate, and philanthropist. As Gus emerges from the bathroom several cartel members have already begun to fall to the ground. Il s'avère que « Gustavo Fring » est un pseudonyme, car ni la DEA, ni son homme de main Mike Ehrmantraut ne peuvent trouver de documents à son sujet avant son arrivée au Mexique. They will always be your priority, your responsibility, and a man - a man provides. ("Coushatta"). The only time Gus did lose his cool, however, was moments before his death when he discovered Hector Salamanca was a suicide bomb to kill him. However, despite outward appearances, Gus was a major drug kingpin initially affiliated with a Mexican drug cartel, secretly using his restaurant as a legitimate front for methamphetamine distribution throughout the American southwest. Bolsa also tells Gus to disregard Don Eladio's edicts and find a drug supplier north of the border. "You're supposed to be some kind of 'reasonable' businessman. Afterwards, Gus briefs Peter and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle on the status of the meth lab and Gus assures Peter he will get the plan back on track. This young man. He watches proudly as Jesse cooks a 96% pure meth in the cartel lab, proving he is indeed the cook for the job. Gus a un passé mystérieux. I said I wouldn't kill Salamanca. It is later revealed by Hank that Gus' laptop was heavily encrypted and thus useless to the DEA; therefore Walt and Jesse destroying it only gave the DEA a better lead ("Live Free or Die",  "Madrigal"). Jimmy does so, but sees nothing suspicious. When Walter White seeks a buyer for his chemically pure meth, he is put in contact with Gus through Saul Goodman. By Kara Hedash Jul 27, 2019. He will offer Pinkman as his olive branch, to teach them how to cook blue meth themselves. Even in dangerous situations, he keeps his apathetic head. Hank plugs the tracker into his PC, but is disappointed with the results. Then he peels out in an attempt to lose the gunman and his cohort. Despite Gus' initial protection of Walt, the collaboration between the two men becomes permanently strained after he attempts to kill Walter for killing two of his dealers and after Jesse kills Gale on Walter's orders. Walt excuses himself. He plots to have Wendy poison the dealers with burgers, but as Wendy and Jesse are in Jesse's car they notice that the dealers aren't in their regular spot. "What are Gustavo Fring's fingerprints doing in Gale Boetticher's apartment?" "Ready to talk?" Gus crosses to Victor and slices his throat from behind. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Gus explains this by saying that General Augusto Pinochet's government was "guilty of a great many sins: first and foremost were his human rights abuses, but it was also notoriously unreliable about keeping records" ("Hermanos"). His first piece of advice: "Never make the same mistake twice" ("Abiquiú"). He simply bears up, and he does it because he's a man.Gus. Vince Gilligan decided against confirming or denying if that was the case, but has stated they "Probably were lovers.". La relation de Gus et Max semble ne pas reposer uniquement sur les affaires. Rumors of the "stepped on" product reach Nacho and Domingo, who report them to Lalo. I didn't make a sound. The merciful thing would've been to kill it. As Bolsa attempts to escape, he is met by a machine-gun-wielding assassin. ("Smoke"), Gus and Bolsa discuss the apparent attack on Arturo and Nacho, with Gus concealing he was behind it. In the lab, Walt explains the new reality to Mike and Victor: like it or not, he's the only one who can maintain the meth production schedule. ("Something Beautiful"), Gus meets with Werner Ziegler about the possibility of excavating the area beneath an industrial laundry without alerting the people above or compromising the structural integrity of the building. Gus conducted his business with extreme caution, never dealing with drug addicts or those he saw as irrational or having poor judgment. Henry R. Schrader ASAC is a fictional character of the AMC drama series Breaking Bad and its spin-off series Better Call Saul. After the deal goes down, we see Gus with two other local businessmen meeting Hank Schrader at the DEA Albuquerque office. I know I owe you my life, and more than that, I respect the strategy. The other, badly injured, reaches for his gun. "Are you accusing me?" A sudden crash interrupts Bolsa. Gus asks Tio cryptically. Gus is thus controlled, cold, powerful, and menacing. Gus recovers quickly but Mike has to stay another week before he can move, so he is left behind. The next morning, he has Jimmy McGill go into the restaurant to observe the courier. Jimmy drives to a remote desert location to pick up the bail money from The Cousins. ("Piñata"). Though little it is known, it is implied that he was a military general in the Pinochet government as Don Hector refers to him as "generalissimo", which is a military rank of the highest degree. Gus demurs on whether or not the two will deal, but then on a later visit by Walt he is approached by Gus' henchman, Victor, with a final deal: $1.2 million for the remaining 38 pounds, delivered in one hour or not at all ("Mandala"). Jesse is told that he will take over cooking meth for Walter, but Jesse says Walter must not be harmed. Gus hires him for the job. "I didn't do it," says Walt, flashing the GPS device. In a place my brothers built from things they found. Saul manages to arrange a meeting between Walt, Jesse and the distributor at a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant, but when Jesse turns up for the meeting late, high and agitated, the distributor does not make contact. Walt approaches the Volvo and drops to his knee, but doesn't plant the device. It is also implied that Fring is using an alias as speculated by Hank himself. What a reputation to leave behind. Il serait originaire du Chili, il est d'ailleurs parfois surnommé « Le Chilien » par les membres du cartel. Giancarlo Esposito Shares Idea for Gus Fring-Focused ‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel. AMC broadcast the fourth season on Sundays at 10:00 pm ET in the United States. Cisco and Luis. I didn't tell anyone. Gustavo Fring's twenty-year plan for revenge finally comes to fruition ("Salud"). Reminiscent of earlier, Cartel thugs ambush another Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck. "You're never gonna see him again," Mike replies. Gus orders Jesse to make peace with the dealers. Employees must answer the phon… Mike and Gus rendezvous outside Los Pollos Hermanos. Jesse was angry, Walt explains, because Gus's dealers killed Tomás.